Learning and Fun

At Paxton House we have so much to offer children and young people. We share our spacious grounds for all sorts of activities and hands-on lessons, from art and environment to history and politics. We love to share stories from Paxton House's past and help you discover a new way to engage and inspire the next generation.

Learning at Paxton House

School Trips

Bring learning alive at Paxton House and stage your lessons in our grounds, gardens and historic house. We can link to key elements of both the English National Curriculum and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and we can do so much more. Trips can be specifically tailored to meet a wide range of current topics or learning outcomes. Learning at Paxton House is informative, interactive and fun for children of all ages. Contact us to discuss how we can help you get the most from your trip. Both full and half study days are available and we offer specially designed resource boxes to take back to the classroom to support your experience.

Learning At Paxton

Fun For Kids

We also offer enjoyable trails and activity sessions throughout the summer for all children.

Experience a School Trip

There are so many ways we can help local schools make education fun and engaging.  Here are just some recent visitors to Paxton House and the programmes we devised for them. Get in touch and bring us your ideas.

Learning at Paxton

Glendale Middle School

On an Outdoors Arts Experience Day led by Allanbanks Art and the Paxton House team, the children spent the day in the arboretum.  They made their own paint, paintbrushes and artwork based around a poem by Joe Miller about the earth.

“The pupils were fully engaged in the activities and clearly enjoyed their day whilst meeting the learning objectives. Excellent value for money”

Mr Tong, Glendale Middle School
Learning at Paxton

Lilliesleaf Primary School

The whole school from Nursery to P6 came to work on portraits and pond dipping through a mixed bag of activities. The pupils had a tour of the house, looked at the portraits, drew their own, went pond dipping, investigated the outdoors and went on a woodland trail.

“The visit was excellent. All the pupils really enjoyed their visit. I really appreciated the contact from yourself prior to the visit to enable excellent planning.”

Mrs Husbands, Lilliesleaf Primary School
Learning at Paxton

Coldstream Primary School

The children came for a Victorian Experience Day. They dressed up in costume and investigated what it was like to live during the Victorian era both as a servant and as a member of the family living in the main house. During the afternoon session, they had a role play experience of Victorian school life where they participated in drills, writing on a chalk board and using ink quills.

“The children got to take part in role play, trying on costumes, handling and viewing items from the Victorian era. The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and I would definitely recommend it to others.”

Mrs Fleming, Coldstream Primary School