The Grounds

The extensive grounds of Paxton House can lead to different adventures every time you visit, so no two visits are the same.

  • John McNeil Photos 10080 acres of woodland and riverside scenery surround the house.
  • Includes riverside walks and woodland trails, with great views of The Union Chain Bridge.
  • Your dog is welcome as well we just ask that you keep it on a lead.
  • Highland cattle chew the cud in the fields adjacent to the house.
  • Look out for many different species of bird and deer within the woodlands.

The Garden

  • Overlooking the majestic River Tweed, the grounds were originally landscaped in the 18th century by Robert Robinson.
  • They are now designed so plants are flowering every season and are carefully maintained by our excellent team of volunteer gardeners.
  • Daffodils are synonymous with Paxton House; framing the driveway.
  • During the summer months the  herbaceous border is at its finest with beautiful colourful blooms and distinctive aromas.
  • We also have a great pond and welled garden to explore.

The River

  • People have fished from the land where Paxton House stands for centuries.
  • Since the house was built the fishing rights have belonged to the estate.
  • Heron, cormorants, mute swans, otters and sometimes even seals all inhabit the riverbanks.
  • At Paxton net fishing is now carried out using the traditional coble or small boat.
  • The original Boat House has now been carefully restored from Victorian plans and is a charming venue for private hire. Please click here to find out more.

Waterwheel Project

  • When Paxton House was built in 1758 mains water supplies did not exist so water had to be drawn from wells. The only clean water available at Paxton came from springs under the bedrock in Paxton Dene – nearly 100 metres below the level of the house. The latest technology was applied with a waterwheel to drive a beam pump to lift the spring water up to the house.
  • That 260 year old water system has lain derelict and buried for nearly a century, but now thanks to grants from Heritage Lottery Fund: BCCF Environmental (Scottish Borders); and Fallago Environment Fund, and also thanks to the donation of a similar wheel and pump from nearby Blackadder and the efforts of a team of local volunteers, this historic water system has now been fully restored to its former glory.
  • Follow the new path and stairway from north of the car park to visit the waterwheel site in Paxton Dene. The waterwheel is in action daily during the summer season between 1:00pm and 2:00pm.

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