The Picture Gallery, the largest private gallery of any country house in Scotland, was designed by Robert Reid and houses a collection of over seventy paintings dating from the late 18th and early 19th centuries, many of which have been loaned by the National Galleries of Scotland.

Featuring works by the likes of Raeburn, Reynolds, Wilkie, Nasmyth and Thomas Lawrence, the magnificent gallery is the grand culmination of the suite of rooms added by George Home in 1814 who, in his eightieth year, gave up his clerkship to the court of session in Edinburgh to retire and devote the end of his life to the creation of this great room along with cataloguing the collections of Patrick Home.

Two main features distinguish the Picture Gallery from other rooms in the house: its scale and the complexity of its plan. Taking the advice of Sir Henry Raeburn, who had recently completed a portrait of George Home at the time, the architect of the room, Robert Reid, designed the structure to only have a single window, allowing the room to be lit principally by a large oval roof-light in the centre of the ceiling. Combined with a pair of lunette-shaped lights set within the half domes of either apse, optimum lighting is achieved for the viewing of pictures and paintings.

This room is now used for a wide range of events from weddings and exhibitions to the Music at Paxton chamber Music Festival held for a week every July.