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Olivia Lomenech Gill- ‘From Wellies to Warhorse’

On the 28th of July we had the excitement of opening up the new exhibition in the Hayloft gallery- Olivia Lomenech Gill’s ‘From wellies to warhorse’ is a delightful array of works including etchings, paintings, sketches and bronzes.

The collection consists of page sketches from the book ‘Where my wellies take me…’ written by Michael and Clare Morpurgo, illustrated by Olivia Lomenech Gill, and published by Templar publishing in 2012. The pieces from this book are truly stunning and wonderful for the whole family to see- following a young girl, Pippa, on the adventures she has while wearing her wellies. The exhibition even has the original illustrations for the book in one of the display cases- this is the first time it has ever been on show and is truly special.

Michael Morpurgo also commissioned Olivia to do another piece to mirror his concert performance of ‘War Horse: Only Remembered’. This very moving collection of artwork has the most incredible amount of detail and really brings to War Horse to life.

This exhibition is one of the largest collections Paxton House has received and is a joy for all the family to come and see.


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A house with a lot of character, and in very good condition. “Excellent tour”
Paxton House has a beautiful interior. “Lovely Day Out”
Called into Paxton house for coffees and cakes - superb! “Wonderful place to go “
Great house the tour was excellent, staff could not be more helpful or friendly. Cafe is a must to visit to. Garden very nice even in November and a good play area to keep the kids happy. “Should be top of the list of places to visit”
Very friendly staff at lovely pace to visit, the grounds are good and the tour of the house very interesting, good kids playground and cafe too. “Worth a look…”